The Project Partners


IMPRESS is a pan-European project working with partners in the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain and the Ukraine to support the student journey and enhance their career prospects. The project is working with the four of the leading Ukraine classical universities, along with other Universities, public and student bodies and private companies.

Northumbria University website >


Northumbria University at Newcatle upon Tyne is a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence. It is based in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, and has its origins in the Rutherford College, founded in 1880. Today, by putting students at the heart of an outstanding experience, and with world leading research and award-winning partnerships, Northumbria is a new kind of excellent university. With over 30,000 students from over 130 different countries, Northumbria offers a broad portfolio of courses and a rich cultural diversity in its student population. Northumbria is top ten in the UK for the number of graduates entering professional employment and nine out of ten of our graduates are working or studying six months after graduation. We are ranked 21st out of 111 universities in the 2014 Times Higher Education Student Satisfaction Survey. Northumbria works with major employers, including Nissan, Proctor & Gamble, the BBC, and the NHS, while more than 560 employers and 60 professional bodies sponsor or accredit the University’s programmes. Innovative and entrepreneurial, we are also ranked fourth in the UK for graduate business start-ups.

Donetsk National University website >


Donetsk National Unversity (DNU) is a leading Ukrainian university in innovating new educational ideas and importing European Quality Assurance procedures into its structure. It has more than 20 000 students and provides the education on natural science, humanitarian and economic profiles. 32 Academicians of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and branch academies, 117 professors, doctors of sciences, 510 docents, candidates of science work in the university. DNU maintains relations with more than 70 universities in the world. It is a member of the European University Association, two international associations (Eurasian and “AIMOS”), a participant in a large number of European research and educational programmes such as TEMPUS, 6th and 7th Framework Programme of the EU and programmes of the International Fund “Vidrodjennia” (“Revival”). It organizes and takes part in many international conferences.Offering Professional, Research, Academic teaching and learning experience based on a system approach through dedicated teams of staff and students, DNU is one of the most influential universities in the country.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv website >


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (TSU) is the leading university in Ukraine, a powerful diversified educational and research complex. One of directions in the reforming of higher education in Ukraine is its further integration into the world education space. The University maintains partnership relations with 75 universities in 36 countries of the world. The main direction in the development of academic and scientific activities is cooperation within the framework of international programs and projects under the auspice of the TEMPUS, COPERNICUS, DAAD, ECCELS, INTAS and UNESCO. TSU is a member of International, European and Eurasian associations of universities. Since September 2006 TSU accepts new academic plans on all specialities according to Bologna process. That is why there is a need to encourage mobility of staff and students, create local, national and global networks and links. TSU places great importance of the student experience and student services improvement and diversification of their activities.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv website >


Ivan Franko National University of Liviv (LNU) is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine (in 2011 it celebrated its 350 Anniversary)
with a mission to be a leading academic and research institution, have well developed students services and obtain some degree of self-governance . Recently, LNU led major HE initiatives in Ukraine including the introduction of a nationwide standardised entrance exam, quality assurance and reform of postgraduate studies. In order to fulfill its mission, LNU strives for quality, Life Long Learning, innovations and continuous improvement of a full range of activities. LNU considers this Tempus proposal as an important, contemporary, innovative opportunity to modernise the existing student services in LNU. It highly values student autonomy at LNU and actively support student societies and self governance. The proposed project will enhance active participation in student societies and promote students services networking nationally and internationally. 

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University  website >


V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (KNU) is one of the oldest classical universities in Eastern Europe. KNU has trained and employed three Nobel Prize laureates: biologist I. Mechnikov, economist S. Kuznets, and physicist L. Landau. Since 2003 KNU has the highest status of  a self-governing (autonomous) national university, and in 2010 it became an educational-research institution. It employs up to 1,500 faculty and research staff, including more than 300 full professors, and almost 800 PhDs. KNU has always been focusing on continuous education, modernisation of students services, including students placement and employment, efficient faculty staff retraining and cooperation with the leading universities in Ukraine and Europe. It was for this purpose that the School of Professional Retraining was created and later reorganised into the School of Further Education. KNU is highly interested in lifelong learning conception and is ready to create a specialised structure, working in close contact with business and industry.

University of Cordoba  website >


The University of Cordoba (UCO) is a young, mid-sized university. Research and teaching are the two cornerstones upon which the institution is founded, where excellence is the aim. The UCO is witness to a centuries-old historical and cultural heritage, while the passion for knowledge, respect, universal projection and harmony among civilizations makes the city that houses its institution a paradigm for humanity. This equilibrium and harmony is reflected in the three broad areas in which the UCO undertakes its activities: Agricultural and Food Sciences, Science and Technology; Humanities and Legal and Social Science and the Health Sciences; each with its own special characteristics. This balance is also manifested in quality teaching and research, situating it among the top academic institutions in Spain. The UCO is very active in collaborating with partner Universities in the frame of Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Alfa and Tempus programmes. It has close contacts with Kyiv and Donetsk.

Tomas Bata University in Zlin  website >


Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) is a dynamically growing higher education institution comprised of six faculties
offering students the possibility of studying humanities, natural sciences, technology and art. With about 13,000 students, TBU ranks among medium-sized Czech universities. At TBU, considerable emphasis is laid on teaching English and other foreign languages. The offer of its degree programmes taught in English has been continually extended and covers Bachelor’s, follow-up Master’s and Doctoral programmes. Maximum support is given to all forms of international cooperation, i.e. student exchanges, lectures and teaching internships, joint research projects, etc. The University uses a unified credit transfer scheme ECTS compatible with the other European universities and is a holder of the prestigious Diploma Supplement Label. TBU is a member of numerous international organizations, the EUA (European University Association) membership is one of the most prestigious ones.

Ukrainian Association of Student Self-Government  website >


Ukrainian Association of Students' Self Government (UASS) is an All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organisation founded in 2002. The activities of UASS cover a wide range of issues including the Bologna process implementation, quality assurance, students’ services, social dimension, legal support, informing students about international academic exchange programmes and opportunities for informal education in Ukraine and abroad. UASS is an officially recognised representative of the student community in Ukraine and a social partner of MES. In 2007 UASS became a full member of the European Students Union, which is the national union of students in Europe. The most successful campaigns of UASS are: Campaign 2009 for the abolition of the Act “On the addition fees for students”. In 2010 UASS organised the campaign for demarcation of the higher education institutions and students involvement by adopting amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" on the issue of students’ self-government organisations.

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  website >


The objective of the Ukrainian Educational policy is the comprehensive development of its citizens including the development of his talents, intellectual and physical abilities and providing choice . Besides this, the object is to safeguard and increase the national culture and civil society, to promote and strengthen Ukraine as a sovereign democratic state and to equip Ukraine as a member of the European and world society. Regarding the topic of this proposal, as the ministerial legal representatives of Ukraine, our role is: to develop roadmaps for reforms in Student Services on national level according to Bologna declaration principles; to introduce new structures in HEEs of Ukraine using the experience gained in the project, working with the European partners; to prepare surveys and studies on specific reform issues (including the dissemination of results and the publication; to facilitate organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, round tables.

European Students' Union  website >


European Students' Union (ESU_ is the umbrella organisation of 45 national unions of students from 37 countries, representing more than 11 million students. ESU represents the educational, economic and cultural interests of students at a European level towards all relevant bodies, in particular the EU, Council of Europe and UNESCO. ESU also has extensive expertise on the modernisation agenda of the EU, bringing together, resourcing, training and informing national student representatives on European developments, particularly in fields of HE and youth. ESU ensures student participation in European policy making; its supports members by organising seminars, training and conferences relevant to students, conducts European-wide research and cooperation projects and publishes handbooks and newsletters. Quality assurance is seen as one of the steps in the direction of recognition of degrees and of periods of study. ESU stresses the need to have the QA systems represented in a cooperation at the European level.

Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry  website >


DCCI is a non-government, non-profit organisation. Nearly 1076 enterprises, SMEs and companies of different forms of property, business associations, banks and other bodies are now members of DCCI. Launched back in 1959, DCCI covers today over 1076 companies in various regional sectors of economy. The range of services is extensive: certifying goods origin and examining commodities, holding tenders and arranging exhibitions, running an online business database, providing information services for Ukrainian and foreign companies, organizing different kinds of B2B international and domestic events. The Donetsk CCI keeps a non-government register of Ukrainian companies whose financial standing proves their sustainability as business partners in Ukraine and abroad. DCCI is a member of the ICC and World Chamber Federation, Eurochambers, Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business Council, the Association of the Central European Initiative Chambers of Commerce and has Agreements about cooperation with 47 foreign Chambers of Commerce.

Shoofly Publishing Ltd  website >


Shoo Fly is a digital publishing company specialising in bringing world class design to education through mobile
technologies. It has produced award winning animation, illustration, original writing and music integrated into digital
learning experience. It aims is to stimulate and motivate learners through rich engaging media, providing flexibility and linking electronic learning to physical activity. It also has experience in publishing mobile resources for smart phones and tablets. It aims to create excellence in educational design to motivate learners.

University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Cordoba website >


The mission of the University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Córdoba (Fundecor) is to promote employment and entrepreneurship, providing strong communication links and fostering collaboration between the University and companies. It contributes to the competitiveness of enterprises by training, innovation and technological development in accordance with the aims of the foundation and for the benefit of the Province of Córdoba and Andalusia.

It achieves this by implementing effective and professional quality systems and methodologies  to support work placements. Fundecor encourages its student users to be prepared for the workplace by offering training and encouraging them to continually update their knowledge and skills

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Tempus Programme of the European Union