Goals and Objectives


The prime objective of the project is to modernise the student experience and services across the Ukraine by creating Student Support Service Centres (SSSCs) in four of the leading classical Ukrainian universities and using this experience to create a road map for wider dissemination across the country. These SSSCs provide a focal point for:


  1. An improved and student centred recruitment process.

  2. A renovated work placement service to increase future student employability.

  3. Delivery of 'soft skills' education to support students' personal and professional development.

  4. Update of alumni support and services.

  5. Strategic cooperation and dissemination with the Ukraine Ministry.

  6. Retrained university staff to support the new vision of student competences and life long learning.

  7. Closer cooperation between all stakeholders across the labour and educational markets.

  8. Development of a road map to support the introduction and implementation in Ukraine of best practice Euorpean student services.

Cofunded by the

Tempus Programme of the European Union