Project Summary

As the world is changing so is the relationship between the university and the student. Students now expect much more than just knowledge.  They expect a total experience and competences that prepare them for a future career. The IMPRESS project aims to improve the student experience and student services in the Ukrainian Higher Education to reach comparability with Europe. This is acheived by creating a new management structure called a Student Support Service Centre (SSSC) at four of the leading classical Ukrainian universities. The focus of these centres is to provide a better student experience at Ukrainian universities during the student journey from recruitment and induction, through their studies to graduation and beyond. The experiences from this have been used to create a road map and set of accompanying resources to support the roll out of this project across the Ukraine Higher Education system.


The project has identified five key activities to support its objectives:



  1. Recruitment: The modernisation of the recruitment and student induction processes to be more attractive and student friendly by using students to create stronger links between schools and the university, development of a student buddy system to support new students and a review and update of the universities' marketing material.

  2. Placement: Design and development of a holistic placement system using modern information technologies to bring together employers, students and the universities. This should support better communication and access to placements by each of these key stakeholders leading to an improved service for all.

  3. Soft Skills Development: Introduction of a soft skills programme to develop personal and professional skills in students to ensure they are better prepared for their future careers.

  4. Student Societies: The promotion of the social role of student societies to underpin the wider development of student skills and create better opportunities for communicationm collaboration and exchange between Ukrainian and European groups.


As this is a structural measures programme the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports in Ukraine is fully involved as an active partner. This supports the development of a strategic framework for Ukraine to ensure the spread of these ideas and good practice at a national level.



Cofunded by the

Tempus Programme of the European Union