Improving Recruitment Student Services


Within the project, the following steps were taken to improve recruitment student services at the four Ukrainian universities:


1. Analysis of the involvement of student organisations with international students, in particular, the “Buddy System” – an organisation that arranges trips, events and other activities for international students.


The members of the Buddy System student organisation are ready to welcome international students at the university and help them feel like home in their selected city. The Buddy System provides international students with relevant information before their arrival and during their stay, especially during the first few days. The members also organise various events for international students, including trips, sports activities, meetings, movie nights and cultural evenings during the academic year.


2. Creation of Buddy Systems at 4 Ukrainian universities (a short video on how to establish and run the Buddy System was provided by TBU – Each Ukrainian university nominated 2 or 3 experts that were trained by TBU experts and the Buddy System from Zlin.


3. Buddy System webpages (Facebook pages, promotional materials, etc.) were created. 


4. A series of presentations at Ukrainian universities were performed in order to get them acquainted with the possibilities of membership in the Buddy System (for both national and international students). The main aim was to help international students to integrate in the local student community and life of the university and the city.


Examples in Practice
Tomas Bata University, Zlin, Czech Republic

A short video designed and created by students on the Buddy System.



Cofunded by the

Tempus Programme of the European Union