Soft Skills Resources

Here you will find resources to support the delivery of the soft skills module. You can also use these resources on an individual basis.  These resources are made freely available for educational and informational use thanks to the funding provided by the Tempus Programme of the European Union, but please acknowledge this Tempus IMPRESS project as the source of these resources.

This document provides an introduction to soft skills and to the module itself.

Listen to two students from the project talking about their experience of soft skills

This is a short video (7 minutes) showing an example of an academic debate by students at Donetsk National University. The video shows the speech and the subsequent question and answer session between the speaker and the audience.

This is a short video (4.5 minutes) showing part of an academic debate by students at V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkiv on 'Medications may be advertised on all media'. . The video shows the opening argument in favour of this proposition.

Further Resources

These resources are in development and will be published as they are finalised


Soft Skills - Self Management

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