Student Recruitment Strand


Recent statistics throughout Europe show that through changing demographics,  the number of eighteen year olds will decrease over the next decade and this will put a severe strain on higher education systems. Ukrainian universities are used to a continuous supply of students and are unaccustomed to having to compete for them. Alongside this, Europe has seen an increase in international students. This strand of the project focussed on evaluating the current recruitment systems and resources in each university and implementating changes to update them to meet the needs of a modern European university, operating in a global environment. This strand was led by Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic. It focussed on two main activities:


  1. Evaluation and review of marketing materials and approaches at each university;

  2. Establishing support systems for the new students.


Staff from the four Ukrainain universities worked with a team from Tomas Bata University to share good practice and review and update their approaches to student recruitment. .

Cofunded by the

Tempus Programme of the European Union